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Behind the Scenes:

We have a dedicate team of cooks to ensure your food is prepared the way you like it. You may not see their faces, but without them we wouldn't be here. Want to thank the chef? Ask your server to send your comments back or have him come out and meet you. 

Front line staff:

We know hunger. So we can appreciate when you walk through our doors you are looking for prompt and friendly service. From the time you enter until you drive way, we know our friendly, knowledgable serving staff will have you taken care of. Need anything to make your experience even better? Just ask, we are here to help. 

Christo Vardas.​  - HEAD CHEF


This restaurant is his second home. He is the first to arrive and loves providing a local, family friendly place to enjoy good food and social interaction. 

Photo of owner and chef, Chris Vardas
Owner and general manager, Nicky Vardas.

Nicky Vardas.​ - GENERAL MANAGER


Married to the head chef, Nicky knows what it takes to keep a businesses going. Hours of family time have been spent in the restaurant. She knows your name and is dedicated to ensuring your dining experience is a positive one. 



Local delivery with a smile. 

Brother.​ - BAR MANAGER


Strong but silent, a man of few words.

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